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Review: Pilot Iroshizuku Kosumosu

Who doesn't like pink? It's a sensible color for fountain pen ink, don't you think? And today, we'll have a look at Kosumosu, one of the pink inks in Pilot's Iroshizuku line. According to Pilot, the Iroshizuku line of fountain pen ink is inspired by Japan's landscapes and views of nature. This ink is named after the lovely Cosmos flower, though for me it evokes images of spring in Japan with its ethereal boughs of cherry blossoms. (And I haven't even been there yet!) The ink is a pleasant pink, which ranges from baby pink to an orangey magenta depending on how saturated it is. It has good flow, medium saturation, and no noticeable sheen. For this review, I used a Jinhao 8802 in fine which actually writes like a medium. Using this pen and Rhodia 80g paper, I didn't experience any feathering or bleed through. However, I should note that this ink is prone to feathering and bleedthrough when using broader, wetter nibs and/or paper of lower quality.

The feathering is visible on the writing done with a Zebra G nib below (on Clairefontaine 90g paper), as well as the writing done with a Speedball C-1 nib (on Rhodia 80g paper).

The feathering is pronounced in this writing sample I tried to do with a 6.4 mm nib.

Nevertheless, with the right nib and paper combination, this ink is a pleasure to use. It's a pink that I don't get tired of easily. It isn't too bright, nor is it too faint. It's also easy to read on the page. Furthermore, I have found it easy to clean and I haven't noticed any staining on my pens or converters. For those who enjoy using pink fountain pen ink, this one comes highly recommended. ....And besides, pink ink always looks great in the bottle.

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