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Review: Diamine Majestic Blue

Today's ink needs little introduction. It is a superstar in the world of fountain pen ink and has been reviewed countless times -- Diamine Majestic Blue. Majestic Blue is known for its high saturation, shading, and sheen. It is a richly colored ink that ranges from royal blue to midnight blue. For my handwritten review, I used a fountain pen with a double broad nib which really brings out the ink's unique properties.

Aside from being highly saturated, the ink has good flow. There was a hint of feathering and bleed through on Rhodia 80g paper but considering I used a double broad nib, the paper held up quite well. The ink doesn't dry very quickly. When writing with the double broad nib, the shading and the reddish sheen are apparent. In the handwritten review, the sheen is remarkable in the saturated ink swabs. When using a fine or a medium nib, however, this is less pronounced. When using a Nikko G nib, the ink appears much darker. More feathering is also apparent in the strokes where the ink has pooled. A hint of sheen could still be seen.

With a 6.4 mm broad edged nib, the ink appears lighter but the shading and sheen are distinct.

For such a highly saturated ink, I am pleased to note that I didn't experience any difficulty cleaning this ink from my dip nibs or from my own hands. I haven't tried this ink with a demonstrator pen though, and I haven't cleaned out my converter yet, so I couldn't comment on any issues with staining. (March 2018 update: I'm happy to report that I haven't had any problems with staining, either!) Majestic Blue comes in 30 ml and 80 ml bottles as well as in international standard cartridges. It is widely available in various online pen and ink retailers and also directly from the Diamine Ink website. (Disclaimer: I am not associated with Diamine ink, though I am a big fan of their products.) If you like blue inks, this ink comes highly recommended! It is suitable for use in professional settings, yet its shading and sheen give it that little extra kick of awesomeness.

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