Review: Diamine Havasu Turquoise

First post! Let me start by saying I love Diamine ink. I've used different kinds of Diamine ink over the years and I've rarely been disappointed. For my first review, I'd like to focus on Havasu Turquoise. Wait a minute -- so what's Havasu anyway? Well I did some googling and found out that Havasu is the name of a waterfall in Arizona. I have no idea if Diamine named the ink after it, but the pictures are stunning. The water is, indeed, a vivid turquoise so I wouldn't be surprised if this served as the inspiration for the ink. As can be seen in the picture above, the ink is a bright turquoise color with a fair amount of shading. It ranges from sky blue to a darker blue. It has very good flow and lubrication. I haven't noticed any feathering or bleedthrough on the Rhodia DotPad Paper that I used. On occasion, I notice a dark bluish sheen where the ink pools on the paper, but I wouldn't call this a highly sheening ink. Here are some close ups of the writing:

And here is a comparison with other turquoise and blue inks.

I've also used the ink with a Zebra G nib, a Rotring Artpen with a 1.9 mm nib, and a Pelikan Graphos with a T 6.4 mm nib.

The ink appears uniformly darker with the Zebra G nib, while the Artpen and Graphos nibs show off its vibrant color and its shading properties.

This is such a vivid color, even its ink blots on tissue paper are captivating!

Overall, I highly recommend this ink. Its color and shading make it unique. I call it my "happy ink" and I enjoy using it on a regular basis.