Review: Robert Oster Tranquility

I like blue-green inks, and today I'm reviewing one of my favorites -- Robert Oster Tranquility. Before I proceed, though, I'd like to mention that the pictures below were taken in natural light and though they convey the ink's properties well, they somehow fail to capture more of the greenish hue that I think is present in the ink. Tranquility is a gorgeous blue-green ink that has worked well in all the pens that I've used it in. It is quite saturated and has good flow. I didn't notice any feathering or bleedthrough on the Rhodia DotPad paper which I used for the review. The ink also has good shading and it produces a reddish sheen when a lot of ink is laid on the page. When writing normally with my MF nib, though, this was barely noticeable.

The sheening is impressive when using a broad edge nib. A pronounced red sheen is visible on the edges of the letters as well as in areas where the ink has pooled. The writing below was done with a Pelikan Graphos T 6.4 mm nib on cream-colored Tomoe River Paper (52 g).

When using a Zebra G nib, the ink appears darker in general, but the sheen is still quite visible.

I find the color very pleasing to the eye. It's also quite a versatile ink, as I find it suitable for casual as well as professional writing (unless you work in a profession where only blue or black ink is permitted). The ink comes in a practical plastic bottle. I wouldn't call it beautiful, but I rather like it. I also appreciate the fact that the cap is labelled, which makes it easier to find in a drawer full of ink bottles.

If you like blue-green ink as I do, you should definitely give this one a try. It's a staple in the pens I have in rotation. I highly recommend it!

The Inky Way, 2020