Review: Diamine Shimmertastic Magical Forest

The word "shimmertastic" has now entered my vocabulary in a glittering flurry! Today, we'll have a look at Diamine Shimmertastic Magical Forest, one of the 22 options in Diamine's line of shimmery ink. It's a dark green ink, and the name does it justice. Indeed, the color reminds me of a forest and its silvery shimmer does add a touch of "magic" to it.

The first thing that struck me upon using the ink is that the shimmer was pleasantly gentle. It isn't an obnoxious, overly sparkly ink. The shimmery specks are very fine. In fact, when writing with a fine or medium nib, the shimmer may not be too obvious at first glance. But don't be fooled, it is definitely there. For this review, I used a glass dip pen which writes like a medium nib. I find the color quite saturated, and it ranges from a bright emerald to a darker green. On the dip pen, the ink flowed quite well. I cannot comment on its flow in a fountain pen, though. I didn't notice any bleed through or feathering on 80g Rhodia paper. One thing that was a nice surprise was that this ink also has some sheen to it. When it is saturated on the page, a dark purplish sheen could be seen where the ink has pooled. When using a Nikko G nib, the ink is darker and appears matte when making thin strokes. However, the shimmer becomes more obvious in the parts where the nib is flexed. (The paper used is Tomoe River 52g in cream.)

This ink really shines with broader nibs. In the writing sample below, I used a Pelikan Graphos C 6.4 mm nib. The shimmer, as well as the sheen, are much more visible. (The paper is also Tomoe River 52g in cream.)

For the review and the writing samples, I used dip pens. I had to shake the bottle at regular intervals to make sure I had an even distribution of shimmer throughout my writing. I haven't tried inking this up in a fountain pen yet because I don't see myself using this ink for regular writing. For those who decide to do it, it is recommended to practice good "pen hygiene" and flush one's pen regularly to ensure that the feed isn't clogged with sparkles. In addition, it isn't recommended to use shimmery ink with vintage pens. The ink comes in a 50 ml bottle and like other Diamine inks, I think it's good value for money.

Overall, this is an eye-catching, unique ink that I would certainly use for special purposes such as writing greeting cards or for calligraphy. The shimmer adds a touch of luster without being overwhelming. One of these days, I might also load it into one of my everyday carry pens to add a bit of "shimmertasticness" to my daily life. (Okay, so it doesn't work well as a noun, haha. How about "shimmertasticity"? "Shimmertasticion"?)