Review: Diamine Amber

Orange ink makes me smile. It's such a happy color. It's like having little drops of sunshine on the page. (Okay, that's cheesy, but *look* at it! Right, right?)

Today's orange ink is Diamine Amber. (The name reminds me of that mosquito in Jurassic Park.) It's a refreshing color that ranges from golden yellow to bright orange. It doesn't really go into the red part of the spectrum. Because of that, it's rather light on the page and may not be easy to read, especially when written with extra fine or fine nibs. The handwritten review below was done with a TWSBI Eco in broad. When wet, the ink appears yellow and dries to a more orangey hue. That made it a little hard to see what I was writing. In addition, it isn't a very saturated ink. It has decent flow though, and feels a bit "watery". The flow reminded me of some J. Herbin inks in its consistency. I didn't notice any signs of feathering or bleed through on Rhodia 80 g paper. No sheen was visible, but there is some shading.

Here is a comparison of Diamine Amber with other orange and red-orange inks that I have on hand. In contrast with the other inks, Diamine Amber is firmly in yellow-orange territory while the others have tinges of red or brown.

With a Nikko G nib, the ink appears uniformly orange. It is easier to read, which would make it suitable for calligraphy.

A wider nib (6.4 mm) shows off its shading properties and its different hues.

Aside from its unique color, a bonus you get with this ink is that it looks awesome in a clear demonstrator! I couldn't stop looking at it after I inked the pen up (weirdo alert, haha). That definitely adds to the ink's fun factor.

Will it stain my demonstrator, though? That remains to be seen as I've only had this ink for a few days. What I can say is that the ink was easily cleaned from my hands. I will update here if I notice any signs of staining. All in all, Diamine Amber is an enjoyable ink to use due to its lively and distinct color. It isn't as easy to read as darker ink. Orange isn't everyone's cup of tea, either. But if you like using non-conventional colors, this is an ink to add to your collection.