Review: Wancher Leather 3-pen Cases

Today, we'll have a look at two Wancher leather 3-pen cases. Or should it be leather Wancher 3-pen cases? Or Wancher 3-pen leather cases? What's the correct order? Nevermind! They're pen cases, they're made of leather, and can hold 3 pens. They're made by Wancher. And they're excellent.

As I mentioned in another post, I'm always on the lookout for good pen cases that won't break the bank. That's how I found these on eBay. For genuine leather cases, they're already quite affordable. And if you win them in auctions like I did, they're a great deal.

Wancher is a Japanese company founded by Mr. Taizo Okagaki in 1994. The company also makes pens, bags, and watches. (For more info, you can visit their website.) Mr. Okagaki also runs the Engeika online store, which also sells Wancher products, among others. (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with either store.) The products themselves may be made elsewhere, as the Wancher website says it has a "global manufacturing network of bases with craftsmanship in many countries." These cases were purchased on separate occasions. I've had one longer than the other, so I've had some time to test it. The cases arrive simply packaged in a cardboard box. Inside is the case enclosed in a cloth bag. It also comes with instructions on how to care for the leather.

Though these are both triple pen cases from the same brand, they are actually different models. They are similar in size, but have different designs. They are both around 15.3 cm long (6.02 inches) with the flap closed and 6.4 cm wide (2.52 inches). They differ in thickness though. The orange one is around 3.2 cm (1.26 inches) at its widest, with the flap closed. The black one is 2.8 cm (1.1 inches) at its widest. Both still have some room to expand, if needed.

The dividers inside the cases are different. The black model has cloth (perhaps nylon?) bands that completely enclose each pen, but they don't run the entire length of the pen. The orange one, meanwhile, has dividers that seem to be made of leather, but they don't fully separate each pen from the others. This doesn't matter though, as the pens don't scrape against each other inside.

The front of the orange case has a division that makes it appear like a 2-pen case. The black one doesn't have this feature. The interior of the orange case is black, which makes it visually appealing. It reminds me of the Delta Dolcevita. (Wancher also has the same model with a black exterior and an orange interior.) The other case is plain black, but looks quite classy. (This can also be found in dark brown.) Both models are also available in single and double pen sizes.

Behind both cases, the company logo can be seen -- a sun with multiple rays. I suppose this makes sense as the brand's slogan is: "Wancher -- from the Land of the Rising Sun." (It also looks like a flower, doesn't it?) The logo isn't too big and is discreetly positioned at the back.

The flaps of the cases are secured by a leather band. It's neither loose nor too snug. It's a good fit and will keep the flap securely closed. I really like the fact that these cases close with a band. I have an aversion to magnetic flaps, and I don't really like buttons either. Each slot in the case could fit a regular-sized fountain pen. Oversized pens may not fit easily as the slots aren't too wide. As for the quality of the cases, I am impressed. The leather itself is quite soft and the stitching is strong. They're also sturdy. I've had the black one for several months now and I could say that it holds up well to daily use. It still looks new after constantly being in my bag. One thing that may bother some users is that in the black model, the case doesn't fully enclose the pens. In the side, there is a gap between the body and the flap. This leaves part of the pens open to the elements. This isn't an issue for me, though, as I still keep the cases inside my bag. The orange one, meanwhile, can completely enclose average-sized pens.

In summary, these are excellent cases. They're soft, light, durable, and provide adequate protection. They're also competitively priced. I feel confident placing my pens in them.