Sketch - Bamboo - Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku-rin

Here's another of my novice sketches. This time, I matched the theme to the ink itself. I've drawn some bamboo with Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku-rin (which apparently translates to "Bamboo Forest"). I love this color! The paper used for this drawing was Rhodia DotPad paper in A5 size. The weight is 80 gsm. After finishing the drawing, I lightly brushed a bit of water over the sketch with a paint brush. Surprisingly, the paper was able to take it. The ink isn't waterproof and I like seeing the effect of it blending over the sketch.

The pen used was a TWSBI Eco in 1.1 stub. I liked being able to produce both thin and thick lines with this pen. Plus, the ink looks lovely in a demonstrator!