Sketch - Robert Oster Torquay and Robert Oster Blue Night

Hi again! This time, I'm uploading a sketch made with two gorgeous inks: Robert Oster Torquay and Robert Oster Blue night. I love the colors of these inks! I write with them a lot, and now I've decided to practice some sketching with them. It's worth mentioning again that I'm *not* an artist! I'm just learning how to sketch, but I thought it may be of interest to see how these fountain pen inks perform when used for drawing. This drawing is of one of my favorite actors -- Michelle Yeoh. The scene is from the stunning movie, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." I know it looks nothing like Ms. Yeoh though (sorry!).

The paper I used was a from a paper manufacturer called "Papyrus." The paper is acid free and PH neutral, but the weight is not mentioned in the label. I usually use this paper for calligraphy practice. I don't think it was meant for sketching in particular, but I find that it has held up well. The pens I used were a Jinhao x750 inked with Blue Night, and a Sailor Pro Gear Slim Four Seasons "Haruzora" (what a long name!) with an MF nib inked with Torquay. After drawing with the fountain pens, I let the ink dry and brushed a bit of water over it with a paint brush. These inks are not meant to be water proof, but I really like how they have blended with the sketch. The paper was also able to handle the water. By the way, these inks are from the regular Robert Oster line. I know that Robert Oster has recently launched its line, which is meant for use in art. If you like drawing with ink, you might want to check them out. (And let me know how you like them!) That's it from my end! See you again soon.