Sketches - Diamine Majestic Blue

Hi again! I'm back, and this time with something a bit different from my other posts. I've decided to upload some of my sketches using fountain pen ink.

Now, I'm NO artist! This is something that I've just started learning recently. So you don't need to tell me that my drawings erm, need "much improvement" (read as: they suck). However, I thought it might be interesting for others to note how the inks perform when used for sketching, so I'm sharing these here. These two sketches were made with a single ink -- Diamine Majestic Blue. The paper used was some thick paper I had lying around. The label says it's acid free and neutral PH paper, but the weight isn't mentioned. I don't think this was meant to be sketching paper. Although the paper is the same, the sizes are different. The first sketch is much bigger than the second one.

This first sketch is *supposed* to be the legendary actor, Toshiro Mifune, in one of his samurai movies. It looks nothing like him! (Sorry!) After sketching with a fountain pen, I brushed some water over the sketch using a paint brush. Majestic Blue isn't a waterproof ink, so I like the effect of how the ink has blended together.

The second sketch is of one of my favorite pianists, Martha Argerich, as a young lady. Again, it looks nothing like her! (Sincere apologies to Ms. Argerich.)

As can be seen, the first sketch appears more royal blue than the second one. This is due to the water which I brushed over the first drawing. I like it that the same ink could produce different shades depending on how it's used. I have always been a big fan of Diamine ink, and this color in particular. I use it a lot when writing. It's really cool to be able to use it for other purposes.

The pen I used for both drawings was a Platinum 3776 Century with a C nib (double broad). It was really fun to use this pen since I was able to use both sides of the nib to produce lines of various widths. And that's it! I plan to upload other drawings done with other inks. I think of this as a relaxing exercise for me, and a way to show of the inks themselves, rather than the actual drawings.