Review: Robert Oster Blue Night

I used to think dark blue ink was boring. Traditionally, only dark blue and black inks were used in school or in business. Everybody's notes were in dark blue or black. All those signatures? Yep, they were only in dark blue or black. Well, at least black ink is classic enough to be considered timeless. But dark blue ink? Meh.

....but not anymore!

Thankfully, several interesting dark blue fountain pen inks have been released by ink manufacturers. Among the newer ones is Robert Oster's Blue Night, released in 2016.

It is aptly named, as it reminds me of a dark, moonless night, lit only by the stars and the Milky Way. It is a deep blue whose hues range from a dusky, greyish blue to a dark blue-black. It's such an exquisite color that it's mesmerizing on the page.

Blue Night is a saturated ink that shades very well and has excellent flow. It practically gushes out of the Parker 45 that I used for the review. There is also a little bit of sheen as could be seen in the outlines of some letters. However, it isn't comparable to other Robert Oster inks that exhibit more sheen, such as Tranquility or Fire and Ice.

Here is a comparison of Blue Night with a few other blue and dark blue inks.

Blue Night's shading properties and its various hues are really apparent in this writing sample I did on cream Tomoe River paper (52 gsm) using a flat 10mm Pelikan Graphos nib.

A bit of sheen could also be seen in the areas where the ink has pooled.

As for cleaning, I've used this ink for a few months now and I haven't had any difficulty flushing it from my pens. Despite its saturated color, it washes off quite easily. I haven't tried it on a demonstrator, though, so I couldn't comment on whether it stains or not. It hasn't stained my converters so far. In short, I highly recommend this ink. If you like dark blue or blue-black inks, this is definitely one to consider. Its color makes it appropriate for professional use, yet its unique properties make it pop off the page. This is yet another winner from the Rober Oster lineup. And big props to whomever named this ink. It really fits the color. Whenever I look at it, it makes me want to go stargazing!