Review: Diamine Wagner

Diamine Wagner has quickly become one of my favorite inks. The color is so complex and alluring. Is it green, or it is brown? Golden green, perhaps? This is one of those inks that make me stop to admire it as I write. (Not everyone is a big fan of the color, though. While I find it so fascinating, my husband calls it "bird poop".)

Diamine Wagner belongs to Diamine's Music set. It is available as part of the complete set, or it could be bought individually in a 30ml ink bottle. The Music set features 10 inks named after famous European classical composers. In general, the inks in this collection tend to be understated and subdued. However, understated does not necessarily mean boring. Indeed, Diamine Wagner's peculiar color makes one take notice. It's quite difficult to classify since it ranges from yellow-green, olive, golden-green, to brown.

In addition to having a unique color, this ink exhibits excellent shading. It also flows well in all the pens that I've used it in. Its qualities really shine in a wet pen; a single stroke could bring out its array of hues.

This ink is also easy to clean. I haven't had any problems with staining or clogging. Here's a comparison with other green and brown inks. This ink is sometimes compared to R&K Alt-Goldgrün, but I find Alt-Goldgrün greener.

This writing sample with a wider nib highlights the ink's shading and its various tints. This was written with a 10mm Pelikan Graphos nib on cream Tomoe River 52gsm paper.

To sum up, Diamine Wagner's unusual color and shading make it stand out on the page. It comes highly recommended!