Review: J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie

I fell in love with this ink the moment I wrote with it. J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie is such a remarkable color, it's hard not to take notice. It's a brownish yellow that seems to glow. It pops off the page, but manages to remain understated and elegant.

Like several J. Herbin inks I've used, Ambre de Birmanie is a well-behaved ink. It flows well in all the pens I've used it in. However, a wet pen will showcase its rich hues, from golden yellow to whiskey brown.

Despite being a yellow ink, it's easy to read a full page written with it. It isn't too bright, nor is it too dark to look dreary.

The writing sample below shows the ink written with three different pens -- a Platinum Kanazawa Haku pen with a medium nib, a Lamy Safari with a medium nib, and a Montblanc 24 with an oblique broad nib. Wetter and broader nibs bring out the ink's darker tones.

Here's a comparison with other brown and orange inks:

Cream-colored paper complements this ink color very well, as seen in this Carl Sagan quote written on cream Tomoe River paper.

Writing with a wider nib brings out those whiskey hues. The writing sample below was written with a 6.4mm Pelikan Graphos nib, also on cream Tomoe River paper.

Overall, Ambre de Birmanie is an exquisite ink. Its alluring color and its reliability have made it a staple in my everyday carry pens.