Review: Fabriano EcoQua Stapled Notebook

A few days ago, this yellow sunburst of a notebook arrived and it put me in such a good mood. I mean, look at it! How can that not put a smile on your face?

It was the first time I got to use a Fabriano EcoQua notebook, and I asked myself, “what took me so long?”

This particular notebook is A5-sized, stapled, and has 40 sheets of plain paper. According to the Fabriano website, the paper used in the EcoQua is 85 gsm, ecological “BioPrima Book” paper and the cover is made of 290 gsm, scratch-resistant, ecological “Sirio Tela” paper. The notebook is produced 100% totally chlorine free and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). If you are curious about what that means, do check out the FSC website here.

The EcoQua is a beautifully designed notebook. It looks modern and minimalist. The front cover is nearly blank, featuring only the Fabriano brand name discreetly printed on the right. The first page of the notebook has a few lines to write one’s name or a label.

For my notebook, I chose plain paper. Lined and squared options are also available. A dotgrid version is available in a glue-bound notepad. The notebooks come in a variety of colors.

The paper is an exquisite ivory color. It’s a subdued cream that is easy on the eyes. (The picture shows the EcoQua paper beside a Rhodia DotPad with white paper.)

The paper appears quite matte and isn’t as glossy or shiny as the paper found, for instance, in Rhodia or Clairefontaine notebooks. Fountain pen ink also seems to dry faster on the EcoQua paper.

I wrote on the paper using nibs of various sizes, from extra fine to double broad, and the paper handled the ink very well. I didn’t note any feathering or bleedthrough. I must mention, though, that the pen and ink used also affect things like feathering and bleeding. There is some ghosting on the back page, which is expected, but it wouldn’t keep me from writing on both sides.

The paper shows off ink properties quite well. The quote below was written with Diamine Majestic Blue with a double broad Platinum 3776 Century Pen. The sheen from the ink is readily apparent from certain angles.

The last page of the notebook explains that both the paper and the cover used are acid-free, totally chlorine-free, elemental chlorine free and are ecologically sourced. The back cover shows the product’s FSC certification, and proudly proclaims that the notebook is “Made in Italy”.

In short, the Fabriano EcoQua is a superb notebook with high quality, fountain pen friendly paper. I have a feeling my yellow one won’t be alone for too long.