Review: Back Pocket Notebooks

It’s not often that my hobbies intersect, so when they do, I feel like a giddy kid watching a rocket launch for the first time. When I saw these space-themed notebooks by Back Pocket Notebook Co., I knew I had to order them. They combined some of my favorite things: Stars! Paper! SpaceX! What’s not to like?! I had a serious case of "where's-my-packageitis" while waiting for these notebooks to arrive. And when they did, I was not disappointed. Simply put, it was love at first write.

Back Pocket Notebooks - The Nighty Sky and SpaceX themes

I’m always on the lookout for pocket-sized notebooks since I jot down notes often and I tend to carry small bags (which I stuff with too many pens). At 140 X 90 mm (5.5 x 3.5 inches), these notebooks fit my tiny bags and jeans pockets perfectly. They’re also lightweight at around 35-36 grams.

Back Pocket Notebook weight

Back Pocket notebook weight

Most importantly for me, the paper is suitable for fountain pen use. Each notebook consists of 36 pages (18 sheets) of 120-gsm paper with a cross grid pattern in light grey. The texture is smooth and the pages appear matte.

Back Pocket notebooks

As the pictures below show, the paper can handle nib sizes from extra-fine to double broad with ease. The back of the page also remains usable as there is no bleed-through. I did notice some mild feathering when using broader and/or "wetter" pens, but this was the exception rather than the norm.

Back Pocket notebook writing sample

Back Pocket notebook writing sample back page

In addition to being FP-friendly, these notebooks are also quite sturdy. I’ve had them for several months now and they’ve handled frequent use very well. The 300-gsm cover is thick and is sufficiently rigid to help the notebook keep its shape.

Back Pocket notebooks front covers

Back Pocket notebooks front and back covers

As a bonus, the inside of the front and back covers include additional information that is sure to tickle one’s dorky bone. The Night Sky notebooks have a list of the brightest stars that appear in the constellations used on the covers. The SpaceX notebooks, meanwhile, feature Mars-related information as well as a list of universal constants (such as the speed of light, and the Astronomical Unit).

Back Pocket notebooks inside covers

Back Pocket notebooks inside covers

For those who may not be interested in space, Back Pocket has a variety of eye-catching designs to choose from. I missed out on the solar system covers (argh!), but the guitar ones have caught my eye for my next order.

To sum up, these are high-quality pocket notebooks with superb paper. These will be a staple in my bag and in my stash of stationery goodies. And if I ever get to watch a SpaceX launch live, guess which notebooks are coming with me? [As with all the products I review, I bought these notebooks myself for personal use. I have no affiliation with any of the companies whose products appear on this blog.]

Back Pocket SpaceX notebook and Lamy 2000